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SEO Web Development is the only way to makes it possible for a website to feature in the search results after a potential customer enters a keyword sought after by several other websites. It is a dream of every website owner to that their website gets hundreds and thousands of hits every day, because the more the visitors to the site, the more the business. But it is not an easy task, unless you have a hefty budget for online advertising and online web promotion. Hence, SEO web development is the answer to get such a website.

Before understanding the process of SEO web development or what exactly an SEO website is it is important to understand how search engines work. Whenever you enter a word in Google, Google looks for websites on the internet that provide information about it. However, there are potentially hundreds of thousands of websites on the internet that provide information on any regular word. So, how does Google decide which website to show on top and which to show at the bottom of all results? To achieve this, Google has a scoring system that is similar to the way teachers would assign you marks for your exam papers. Google asks several questions to every website, such as – 'does your HTML Page title show the word in question?' or 'how many times does the word feature in your content' or 'does your meta tags and the alt tags of the images on your website have the keyword?' The website that scores most is listed at the top. Usually, this is the website that has intentionally optimized on a certain keyword by using it in all the right place or, in other words, is a product of SEO Web Development. The technique of SEO Web Development makes use of a technique known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). At WebIGrow we call such a website a Search Engine Optimized Website, or an SEO website.

SEO web development or Search Engine Optimization is a process inclusive of a vast number of techniques that only an SEO expert can carry out, or rather a team of SEO experts with different skill-sets such as SEO web-design and SEO content writing can carry out. At WebIGrow we take SEO web development extremely seriously as it is the best form of investments that not only pays big but keeps on paying even better as your website gets older and older. After SEO web development, once you get a new website it takes a while for the search engines to grasp that your website qualifies in a lot of required areas. Until then you may promote it through Online Advertising, Search Engine Marketing or Social Media Optimization, but as soon the SEO web development starts showing results, your website will start catching traffic without having to pay for it.

We offer multiple services under SEO such as SEO Web Development and SEO Content Writing that help you get a website that is listed on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing whenever a user enters the optimized keyword.